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Editor: Bogdan Fiedur
Whenever you do something, do it with passion.
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For the last 10 years, we have been providing information in areas of internet marketing, advertising and promotion as well business building on the internet. We have helped thousand of newbies by answering their questions, critiquing their websites and later we established them as experts by letting them answer questions of other newbies.

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Building of business on the internet

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Marketing and promotion on the internet

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My name is Michael S. Madsen and I have a small company called HYPERLINCS we do all of Internet Related things but that's not why I'm writing. The reason is that I receive, on average, about 30 to 50 e-mails a day because of the work we do but I have to tell you that THE ADLAND DIGEST gets my vote for the BEST NEWSLETTER. Your content is GREAT, please keep up the good work I really enjoy reading your newsletter.


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